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Our Products

Why are your products Kyndful to my baby?

Our products are crafted with natural ingredients, designed free of chlorine and fragrances to be gentle on your baby skin. For more details about our diapers and wipes please visit each product page.

Why are your products Kyndful to Moms in Need?

Every order has a guaranteed donation to NGOs that will help save mothers with complications during pregnancy and childbirth. EVERY order! It’s a PROMISE. It’s an OBLIGATION.  It’s a PLEASURE. It’s WHY we crafted this brand.

What are your NGO’s you give donations? How they help?

We will funnel all donations through the organization Every Mother Counts. This organization helps mothers access essential maternity care to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. For more information visit their webpage

Does Kyndful offer overnight diapers?

You don’t need to worry about having different diapers for day and night. Our Kyndful diapers are crazy absorbent and comfortable for your baby to wear anytime.

Can I find Kyndful products at retail stores?

No. At the moment, Kyndful products are only available through our own website.

Subscription Box

What does the Free Trial include?

The Free Trial includes one full pack of diapers, one pack of wipes and one parent trial diaper meant only for promotional purposes. In order to start your Free Trial, you are required to create an account on our website [and pay the applicable shipping charges and taxes]. After you receive our Free Trial of products, your subscription will automatically begin, unless and until you cancel it. See below for more information about how our subscription boxes work.     

How does the subscription box work?

Once you order your Free Trial we will schedule the delivery of your first subscription box with the monthly need of diapers and wipes ten (10) days after. Your credit card will be charged the day we ship your order and it will take 2-5 days to receive your product depending on how far you are from our warehouses. We will ship a new box every three, four or five weeks depending on the frequency you selected, unless you change your shipment date or cancel your subscription. You can change your delivery frequency if you are running out of diapers! To make any changes go to your Account page.

What is the appropriate diaper size for my baby?

Please review the following chart based on your baby’s weight:


How many diapers are included in my monthly subscription?

The monthly subscription box includes five (5) packs of diapers. The quantity of diapers per pack varies by size to adapt to your baby’s needs. These quantities are calculated based on deliveries every four (4) weeks, but we know every baby is different! So you can change your delivery frequency if you need to.


How do I change diapers size of my deliveries as my baby grow?

To change the diapers size of your next subscription box access your Account, and use the Edit button.

How many days before my subscription box ships can I change the size?

You have until 48 hours before your next shipment date to update the size, address or billing information of your subscription box. To make any changes go to your Account page, then click on "your orders" and change diaper size accordingly.

How do I unsubscribe?

While it's always sad to part ways, we want to make it easy for you.  You can make any changes (diaper size, shipment day and frequency) to your subscription box or cancel in your Account page. 

Can I return my subscription box?

Once your order is confirmed it cannot be cancelled or returned. You have until 48 hours before your next shipment date to update the size, address or billing information of your subscription box.  To make any changes go to your account, then "your orders" and change diaper size accordingly. 


When will my first subscription box ship?

We will ship your first subscription box 10 days after you place your order for your free trial, unless you cancel your subscription.  Your deliveries will be scheduled every four (4) weeks by default, unless you choose a different delivery frequency

Can I receive my subscription box at a PO box?

No, unfortunately we cannot deliver to PO boxes.

Can I receive my subscription box outside the US?

Sorry! We currently do not deliver outside the US. We will try to change this soon.


How can I reach customer service?

If you need any more information or need help with anything please don’t hesitate to message us through the Contact Us section.  Please make sure you identify yourself as customer, press or investor so we can direct your message to the right contact.  An additional option is to reach us through

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