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Welcome to the Kyndful World

Premium Diapers and Wipes that saves moms in need (for real!)

Kyndful to your baby Made using natural & sustainable materials and ingredients

Kyndful to Moms in need Every order has a guaranteed donation to NGOs that will help save mothers with complications during pregnancy and childbirth

Welcome to the K<em>y</em>ndful World

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A monthly supply of premium Diapers + Wipes with a guaranteed donation on your pricetag.

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How it works?
The most Kyndful diaper ever

The most Kyndful diaper ever


Chlorine-Free & Sustainable


Crafted to be crazy




Piece of heaven FIT

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The most Kyndful diaper ever

Natural, Chlorine-Free & Sustainable Ingredients

Hypoallergenic and Chlorine Free! Never with harsh chemicals or fragrances

Naturally Breathable:  We use soft breathable cotton in back sheet and beehive patterned in top sheet.

Plant-based and sustainable using wood pulp produced in the USA.

Crazy absorbent, we use super absorbent polymers from Japan.

3D leak guards and moisture cuffs to guarantee everything stays contained.

Snug fit:  wide comfy elastic waistband with perforated adhesive tabs.

ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certificates, International Certifications of High Quality Systems and Environmental Management Safety.

Made Responsibly in China

The most Kyndful diaper ever

The most Kyndful wipes ever

Pure, Natural, Gentle

Ultra purified water, lightly infused with organic chamomile for natural protection

Pure, Natural, Gentle

0% baddies: chlorine, alcohol, sulfate, parabens, phthalate, oils, added fragrances and other harsh chemicals

Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested

Ultra-soft and thick cloth with Plant based fiber

Crafted with Pharmaceutical-grade, Ultra Purified Water: Our water is purified by filters, reverse osmosis and deionized for cleanest experience for your baby

Infused with Organic Chamomile for a soothing and natural protection

High-Moisture-Charge, our wipes have 250% of moisture charge for a long-lasting, wet and fresh cleaning.

Made Responsibly in the USA

Ingredient list: +99% Naturally Derived (Ultrapure Water, Organic Chamomile (chamomilla recutita flower extract) & 1% Safe Ingredients to prevent toxicity (gylcerine, citric acid, phenoxythanlol, sodium cocamphoacetate, ethylhexyglycerin)

Our Story

Our Story

Kyndful story on 100 words

Once upon a time, a newlywed couple had their first baby on its way.  As any family, they needed to make a living, but they always knew that joy to them was the marriage of doing well for themselves and doing good to others.  “We should start a company of baby essentials with KYND ingredients—crafted with natural ingredients we would use on our own baby,” she said. He smiled and responded, “Moms are irreplaceable. Every purchase must be KYND and save moms in need.” The combination seemed KYNDFUL, and they named it that way!

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From our family to yours

From our family to yours

Our Kyndful family of three: Cristi, Guille and Bea based in sunny Miami, FL.   We were blessed with great maternal healthcare during Bea’s pregnancy and birth, but we know this is not case for many moms around the world.  We all can make a big difference by helping to save Moms in need. We are humbled you trust our business to be the channel to deliver your kindness.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We are at war with maternal mortality.

A Global Problem According to World Health Organization, every day, approximately 830 women die from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. 98% of these deaths occur in the developing world and could have been prevented.
A Kyndful Action Every single order has a guaranteed donation to NGOs that will help saving fellow moms! EVERY order! It’s a PROMISE. It’s an OBLIGATION. It’s a PLEASURE. It’s WHY we crafted this brand.

Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

We believe that doing the best for your baby and doing good to others should never be in conflict. We believe that all women deserve a happy and healthy pregnancy.  We are sadden to know that a mother dies every two minutes of pregnancy and childbirth complications. We believe that moms are truly world changers and saving them has a positive ripple effect in society.  Children alongside their mothers are more likely to get proper education, be healthier and be prosperous in adulthood. We believe that we cannot control the medical and social conditions of future moms in every country, but we can control how we react and how we inspire others to join this cause.  We believe in kindness. We believe that we come to this world to learn to be good, to learn to love, to learn to be compassionate. And that we learn by doing.  We believe in scientific data stating that acts of kindness bring elevated levels of dopamine and oxytocin which in turn bring massive health benefits and happiness. We believe in transparency and honesty, in sharing the impact of our joint effort to inspire others.  We believe in being thankful for the many blessings we have had and in paying them forward in making this initiative sustainable and long-lasting for many generations, for which we need to make a profit, also making a living for ourselves.

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Tried Kyndful. Loved it.

Perfect for my baby’s sensitive skin - “I loved Kyndful diapers since the first time I tried them on Mateo! Without fragrance and chlorine, they are gentle on my baby sensitive skin. Plus they retain the smell so well!”

Alessandra – Mom of Mateo
Miami, FL

Loving Kyndful wipes - “Kyndful wipes are the number one baby product I use! They clean everything from dirty diapers to messy little hands while keeping my baby skin hydrated with a touch of chamomile! I don’t go anywhere without them”

Valentina – Mom of Paula
Austin, TX

Love that I can help save Moms - “When I heard about Kyndful brand I couldn’t believe it,  in all case I have to buy baby essentials but knowing they are super high quality and that I can save a mom with no extra effort got me in! 

Isabella – Mom of Alana
Philadelphia, PA

Tried for Free, fell in love for life! -  “Trying new brands on my baby’s delicate skin is always tough, but when I heard about helping moms in need and being able to try for free I couldn’t pass the opportunity. After trying, I will never buy another brand!”

Paula – Mom of Nicole and Fabio
Miami, FL

No more worrying about leaking - “Kyndful Diapers work day and night, I no longer worry about leaking. Plus they don’t look as bumpy below my little princess clothes!”

Alexandra – Mom of Guillermo
Miami, FL

I get so many things with just one click - “Being a mom of 2 and a working professional I want what is best for my baby in a convenient way. With Kyndful I can get the best diapers and wipes for my children at my front door and help moms in need with just one click!”

Ana – Mom of Elena and Gustavo
Seattle, WA

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